TSS – BOEING 777 PW4000-112 SOUND FSX & FS2004

Turbine Sound Studios have released sound packs for B777 PW4000-112 in both FSX and FS2004.  TSS have gone out and captured the best sound moments that are a realistically sonorous representation of the Pratt & Whitney PW4000-112 engines.  These sounds were recorded by a now very deaf breathless software technician, who stood within a few feet of these mighty engines.

Now that’s dedication for you!  But what I want to know is, did he run alongside the plane as it was taking off and hang on to a wheel to record the sounds as the plane took off?  I guess we’ll never know!  So crank up that “subby”, tie up the dog and at full volume you’ll believe that you are actually flying the B777, as the house disintegrates around you.  These sounds are awesome just play the video (after the break) and see what I mean, and note in the video the sounds are reduced!!

TSS specifications for these sounds:

  • Full soundcone technology
  • Custom Wind
  • Custom Gear
  • Custom flaps
  • Custom Autopilot
  • Custom Overspeed warning
  • Custom wheel rumble
  • Custom touchdown sounds
  • and ambient cockpit sound, just to bring the experience up, from within the cockpit

The sound packs are available from simMarket for FSX here and FS2004 here.

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