Latest Project at Lionheart Creations

“These are work in progress screenshots from the newest project at Lionheart Creations, the popular European Sport Aviation two place aircraft ‘Aerospool Dynamic’.

The Lionheart Creations models will feature the fixed gear version (shown) and a retractable gear version as well and will feature a lifting cowlign that reveals the reliable and famous Rotax 912 powerplant in high detail.”

“These planes will also feature the Dynon glass screen panel systems as well as some steam gauges.  This package was required by the Aerospool Factory to be available in FS2004, so Lionheart Creations sought out to find a way to make ultra sophisticated polygon model mesh (as like FSX models are allowed) to be exported into FS2004, and this has now been done, allowing for limitless polygon models as well as no more 4MM Vertex weld limitations.  Literally FS9 Unlimited…  The model is coming along smoothly and we hope for a release in late October.”

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