FSAddon Publishing Helps to Continue Legacy

“As many of our readers will already know, Ian ‘Thatch’ Thatcher sadly passed away on Saturday 28th of August, 2010.

With him yet another one of the icons of Flight Simulator add-on development and freeware support was lost.”

“His widow, Tracey, has expressed the desire to keep Ian’s work and dream alive and continue his famous FS-Shipyards website.

FSAddon Publishing is happy to announce that they will be supporting Tracey to
achieve her goal to continue the website (
and serve her community. is Ian’s original site dedicated to ship and naval simulation based upon Microsoft’s Flight Simulator franchise and provides free ship model downloads and a forum for developers and shipping enthusiasts. It has done so for many years, and, with YOUR help, will continue to do so for many more years to come.

Ian, who was also known under other names such as Andy Weir and Thomas Trewin and publishing FS add-ons under those names, set up this site many years ago to further the development of the shipping aspect in the sim. He built a considerable community around it. Ian was also a member of the Golden Wings Gang, among other things providing landclass for ‘Golden Hawai’ and working with Bill Lyons.

Many of Ian’s source files for ships will remain available for free on the FS-Shipyards download pages for others to use and learn building ships.

FSAddon Publishing, as one of the world’s smaller but top quality add-on publishers, supports other freeware and commercial developers and sites and is also currently involved in a major shipping project for FSX.
We feel FS-Shipyards is both a good cause to support and an opportunity to benefit from each others skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to keep the ‘FSX shipping market’ open for business.

FS-Shipyards can be found at, and FSAddon Publishing is at

If you want more information, then please contact us at”

Francois A. “Navman” Dumas
FSAddon Publishing

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