Day: October 6, 2010

A Short Freeware Roundup

Hi folks, EagleSkinner here again. I’ve just spent an interesting few hours flying around “Walter Sutton’s Private Airstrip”  in some very interesting freeware planes from

IFAir – FS Instructor Tools

FS Instructor is a suite of useful tools for Flight Simulator. It allows to setup, control and interact with the airplane. Read the full features

Aerosoft — CRJ Virtual Cockpit Preview

It’s always passionating to follow an aircraft add-on project from the early development news to the latest preview screenshots before release. Here’s the work status

Mega Airport Munich Update 1.01

On your order history page, you can download the Update 1.01 for Mega Airport Munich of Aerosoft. The German Airports designers fixed the jumpy fly-over

FTS – Aircrafts panels

If you install first SimAVIO from FTS for X-Plane, then you can purchase separate and detailed panel : Cirrus SR20, SR22 and SR22 Turbo with

FTS – Simavio

SimAVIO is the needed to load any of the seperately available add-on panel packs for X-Plane. And it includes two aircrafts panels. Get all details

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