Ship Sim Extremes Update v1.2.2 now available!

“The v1.2.2 update for Ship Simulator Extremes is now available.

This update contains gameplay fixes, as well as adds new gameplay features.”

“The update is available through and other select channels. STEAM users will have their version updated automatically.

Below is an overview of what you can expect in the update.

[ General ]
    * Added buoys to environments
    * Added VHF radio chatter
    * Added functional camera reset (orbit, walkthrough, helmsman).
    * Added orbit camera panning with middle-mouse button
    * Added functionality when in walkthrough mode, secondary ship controls are available
    * Added free-roam traffic (optional)
    * Added Billy Green as ship in free roaming
    * Improved walkthrough up-stairs speed
    * Improved ocean performance
    * Added option to turn off damage in freeroaming
    * Fixed an issue when enabling logfiles they would cause user to end up in a virtual store folder
    * Fixed an issue where joystick deadzones would reset the control   
[ Missions ]
    * Fixed various smaller issues
    * Added tutorial mission

[ Ships ]
    * Added lifeboats on Orient Star
    * Added lifeboats on Pride of Rotterdam
    * Added smoke from exhausts
    * Added barge connection points
    * Improved several bridges (layouts/controls)
    * Improved damage and collisions (less sensitive)
    * Improved watercannon power for smaller ships
    * Fixed Jumbo Javelin walkthrough on bridge
    * Fixed azipod controllers can turn 360 degrees
    * Fixed a visual artifact where bow splashes were being cut off
    * Fixed an issue where deployable navigation lights are kept on when boarding the parent ship
    * Fixed an issue where deployables might not start in the correct position
    * Added option to show/hide bridge controls in helmsman and walkthrough cam (default key is ‘c’)
    * Improved Bugsier 2 controls and able to rotate 360 degrees
    * Improved ship dynamics
    * Improved navigation light configurations
    * Improved initial ship positions on start of mission
    * Fixed RedJet4 walkthrough start position
    * Fixed an issue with the near clipping plane on small ships

[ GUI ]
    * Added current time and elapsed time on GUI
    * Added wind indicator on conning display
    * Fixed DTW in nautical miles
    * Improved loading screens
    * Improved showing/hiding of GUI (default key is ‘tab’)


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