VR Insight – Flight Master Yoke Preorder

There hasn’t been new yokes products for our flight simulators for years until some weeks ago.

But it seems this market will benefit from a renewal, and customers looking for quality products will welcome I guess. Read the following press release to discover the  Flight Master Yoke by VRinsight, now on preoder for availability on next 15th November.

“The Flight Master Yoke by VRinsight is the very first product of the Flight Master series.

It enhances your flying experience making it more comfortable, accurate and smooth.”

“Built with high-end stainless steel shaft, solid cast aluminium, powder coated yoke and pitch/trim wheel gives pilots a real-world feeling.

Features :
·       Accurate yoke movement control
·       Smooth feeling
·       Pitch trim wheel Green/Red LED indicator
·       Fully compatible with all simulators and games”

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