Day: November 5, 2010

Just Planes – Buffalo Airways

Growing like corn in Farming Simulator : it’s the DVD videos collection of Just Planes. Their new title is Buffalo Airways. Watch the above trailer

Release of FlightSim Commander v. 9.0

For busy people this week who missed the Flightsim Commander 9 release, the main developer sent us his press release. Sascha W Felix wrote “The

MD 600N 3D modelled

I tried to model some trains using 3DS Max a few years ago for MSTS, but i didn’t achieve the following quality at my initial

nVidia Inspector 1.94 available

nVidia Inspector is a neat free graphics app for nVidia cards and the latest version 1.94 is available here. For those new to nVidia Inspector, it is basically a small ‘exe’ program that displays GPU hardware information (temperature, VRAM details, fan speed, driver version and clock speed, just to name a few), has an overclocking feature and allows you to set up your display settings (AA, AF, SLI, etc) for a large number of games including FSX (and FS2004).

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