nVidia Inspector 1.94 available

nVidia Inspector is a neat free graphics app for nVidia cards and the latest version 1.94 is available here.  For those new to nVidia Inspector, it is basically a small ‘exe’ program that displays GPU hardware information (temperature, VRAM details, fan speed, driver version and clock speed, just to name a few), has an overclocking feature and allows you to set up your display settings  (AA, AF, SLI, etc) for a large number of games including FSX (and FS2004).

It can only be used for nVidia graphics cards, and in the absence of a new version of nHancer for the latest nVidia drivers, it provides a handy tool to set up your video card to give you best performance and images in FSX.  The first version that I used was 1.92 and that was exactly what I needed and ver 1.94 has added a few mods, mainly cosmetic but still essential.  This is an excellent tool to set up your nVidia card for FSX, giving  good clear images without blurring or ‘popping’.  There are several guides on the web as to which settings to use and a ‘Google‘ search for ‘nVidia Inspector settings’ will find these.  After further testing I will eventually publish my settings on the simFlight forum.

From guru 3d

New in Version 1.9.4:

  • – added nv driver version to settings title
  • – improved app version in settings title
  • – displaying inherited global settings in game profiles on driver version 260+ (black gear icon)
  • – added “export current profile” feature
  • – added “export user defined profiles” feature
  • – added “import user defined profiles” feature
  • (feel free to permanently assign *.nip files to open/import with nvidia inspector using windows own “open with” wizard)
    – added “quick bit value tester” feature to bit value editor
  • – some minor fixes
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