Digital Aviation Fokker 100 Tutorial

In the first minutes after having installed an advanced aircraft add-on, if you are not revising how it looks in your sim, you may be reading the flight tutorial. The Fokker 100 designed by Digital Aviation is not new on your hard disk I guess, but anyway, a new tutorial may be the way for hints and features you haven’t used yet.

David at “..created and published a brand new tutorial for the Fokker 100 from Digital Aviation.”

“This tutorial is taking you through a complete flight from Zurich Switzerland to Dinard France, from a cold and dark situation to powering off the aircraft once arrived.

A 107 page PDF document of cleared instructions with screenshots that can be downloaded from

For the moment the English version is released and I am currently translating it into French and this version should be ready before Xmas

Donation is highly appreciated!

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