Flightsimulator Lanparty

Pizza, beer and flight simulator. I’m not organizer of this FS lanparty but I think that’s what you should go with to attend this at Lelystad in Netherlands. And a microwave to heat the pizza of course.

“The National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome based in Lelystad, is the largest Dutch aerospace museum. Besides the unique selection of historic aircraft, the Aviodrome also offers aerial tours and organizes corporate and private events.”

“On Saturday the 5th of March 2011 there will be a Flightsimulator Lanparty held for the first time in the Aviodrome. A day in which you, as a flight simmer can demonstrate your passion to the public and fellow flight simmers. In a Lanparty, all computers are connected together in a network, via this way you can meet other participants in the virtual skies accompanied by virtual air traffic control.We would like to invite you on the 5th of March to participate in this Flightsimulator Lanparty in the Aviodrome. You can participate as individual, but also to represent your flight club to our audience. Experience how it is to meet other people in the virtual skies! In addition, we also like to offer to our visitors an interactive way to introduce them for a Lanparty. Benefit for you is that you can make other people enthusiastic to join your club or network.

To participate or to visit the Flightsimulator Lanparty we do not charge additional fees, buying a ticket for the Aviodrome is enough! If you register through the website you as participant will receive a discount coupon. With this discount coupon you can get discount on the normal entry fee of the Aviodrome.

Did you get enthusiastic ?, please subscribe via the registration form on We hope to welcome you on Saturday the 5th of March.”

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