Day: January 19, 2011

Expansive Worlds – TheHunter Memberships

httpv://! Shareware, TheHunter is free to play until you get your licence through simMarket. This membership will give you access to the hunting areas with


This is a fantastic SUV-like aircraft from Orbx! With a low power to weight ratio this is one very fast (and safe) economical cross-country touring aircraft, described aptly by someone as the ‘Formula 1 of GA aircraft’. We might well have a successor to the fabulous Piper Meridian in ‘mini’ form! Orbx are more readily known for their very fine scenery and airport add-ons for FSX, but by applying the same principles, (ie using a dedicated talented team, hard work, and accepting nothing short of perfection) as they do to the FTX series they have produced yet another quality product. The plane is top notch in that it has incredible aesthetically pleasing detail, realistic flight dynamics, cabin, instruments and systems functionality plus a bonus of realistic sounds. It took the team two years to develop the plane and the resulting models clearly show that it was time well spent! Come on in and joust with the ‘Lancair’ developed by Lance Neibauer!

Aerosoft – F-14A Preview

Have a look at the F-14A in development for Aerosoft. It has not been mapped of textures yet but it’s already impressive.

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