VFR Obstacles and Landmarks of France

Flying at low altitudes in Flight Simulator gets better and better through each new generation, but a dedicated and custom country upgrade full of landmarks and 3D buildings is hard to beat.

France VFR and Simulation Data are launching a new product .. for France of course.

“FRANCE VFR and SIMULATION DATA are happy to announce you the release of the very first scenery of their collective work: VFR Obstacles and Landmarks of France.

This brand new label has been set up for the constitution, the management, the qualification and the treatment of database for aeronautical simulation.

This new scenery ‘Obstacles and Landmarks VFR — France’ adds more than 500 000 objects including the totality of objects listed by the SIA (French Aeronautical Service Information) that have been geo-referenced and qualified. All objects have been optimized in order to use the less resources — especially under FSX. They have been organized by regions and by type of objects allowing this way a great easiness of use (activation/deactivation according to previously installed add-ons).

Our goal in developing this first scenery was to set a veritable reference for objects and VFR landmarks for aerial simulation. For this reason we will put into place follow-ups and reporting of the work in progress and will include customer remarks that will allow further specifications and modifications just as the addition of new groups of objects.

Please check further details on Simulation Data’s web page“.

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