Day: March 12, 2011

Just Planes – Yes Air L1011 Tristar

httpv:// Yes Air is a charter airline operating Lockheed 1011-500 “Tristars” based in Portugal for flights to Latin America destinations like Mexico or Punta Cana.

Review: UK2000 Scenery Gatwick Xtreme v3 for FSX

Gatwick airport, EGKK, is located approximately 46 kms south of the city of London in the United Kingdom. Originally opened in the 1920’s it served as an aerodrome up until 1933 when it was approved for commercial flights. They were eventually halted in 1936 after two fatal accidents called into question the airport’s safety. Between 1936 and 1958 it was used as a civilian airfield and as an RAF base during the Second World War.

Layernet – More funny simulators

After Airport Simulator, Rail Cargo Simulator and Agricultural Simulator, Layernet launched more PC simulator softwares. Not convinced how Caribbean Sea Fishes can be of an

Sky Blue Radio Press Release

The next FS In Focus show to be listened on next Saturday, Sky Blue Radio, will welcome two people you may know if you follow

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