AivlaSoft GmbH Releases v1.3.0 of Electronic Flight Bag

Electronic Flight Bag would deserve to become more famous as its range of tasks is wide enough to make the simmer pilot more efficient and his preparation more professional in one center place : EFB software.

Its latest release v1.3.0 brings new features, for online network informations and better use of charts and flight plans.

Entire press release can be downloaded as a PDF file here (880 kb), includes more detailed explanations with screenshots.

“AivlaSoft GmbH is pleased to announce another update to their award-winning utility Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) for Microsoft FSX. EFB version 1.3.0 enhances existing charting and route planning — and adds new features: support for online flying on VATSIM and IVAOâ„¢ networks — visible AI / Multiplayer / Online traffic — and new Navigraph data, including Transition Altitude / Transition Level values.

AivlaSoft continues to support its customers by providing this EFB update free of charge.

AivlaSoft GmbH’s Electronic Flight Bag for FSX provides flight-simulator pilots with route planning, flightlog recording, checklist management, and chart viewing facilities for unparalleled flight planning and situational awareness capabilities.

Dividing the typical flight into specific segments — Origin Ground, Departure, Enroute, Arrival, Approach, and Destination Ground — EFB is able to provide segment-specific checklists and SID / STAR / Approach charts taken from Navigraph’s FMS data. (An enhanced version of AIRAC 1101 is provided for free with EFB, courtesy of Navigraph.)

EFB 1.3.0 is available by immediate download from as a fully-functional 30-day trial version that can be converted to a registered version by simple purchase of a license key.”

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