FS Magazin 3/2011 is coming!

Let’s help you wait for the next issue of FS Magazin, the chief editor Bert Groner revealed its summary.

There will be various topics so every simmer will be directly interested in some of them : Ben Gurion X, FTX Orcas Island, Huey X, Gloster Gladiator and much more.


“FS MAGAZIN 3/2011 will be available at book stores at train stations and airports within Austria, Germany and Switzerland from Thursday, April 7th, on. Readers can buy it there or get it via subscriptions and as epapers as PDFs from simMarket and Pressekatalog

An excerpt from the contence:

News flashes for FS X, FS 2004 and out of the scene

– Silent triangle: Ben Gurion Airport for FS X
– For Bush-Pilots only of KORS: Orcas Island
– Lets go to Bundaberg: First scenery with PeopleFlow
– Dangerous Airports 1: Thrill garanteed

– E-Jets Version 2: An update with less contence
– 75 and still active: DC-3 Legends of Flight
– Delicacy for fans of history aircrafts: Gloster Gladiator FS X

– Inventor of the “whoop”… “whoop”…: Huey X

The look inside:
– Saxony takes off: The opening of Flight Simulations Dresden

– Hardware for Mac-pilots

Building a cockpit:
– Thoughts about simulator-cockpits for commercial use (part 1)

This issue was made round by an article of a very special kind of full(self-)motion-flight -simulation and many other things. As well all winners of the 5th anniversary lottery from FS MAGAZIN 1/2011 has been published. All of them will get information emails and, concerning material prizes, deliveries by mail within the next days.

Have fun with FS MAGAZIN 3/2011!”

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