XAcars is back online

XAcars brings a flight tracking software compatible with major operating systems for Virtual Airlines administrators and users of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Laminar Research X-Plane.

They suffered a server crash a few months ago, but they are now back online and still for free. Pay them a visit at least

“After a big crash on our server at the beginning of this year we finally managed to reopen our homepage together with all the documentation available on

This means that all users and all administrators of VAs using the only flight tracking software available for MSFS AND XPlane on all available platforms (Win, OSX, Linux), will have a common place to find information about XAcars and its setup again.

Our testsystem is open again too, so if you want to try XAcars without setting up a server first, you have the opportunity again! And yes, all that is still for free and will always be!

XAcars Development Team”

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