Multi Crew Experience — update v2.4.4.0

FS + + team has announced a new update to their voice control software for FS2004 & FSX, also known as Multi Crew Experience.

There is a new application anagebracht called VoxScript. For the people who have bought this addon via simMarket this update has been automatically received.“Unleashing the power of scripts without the need for any programming on the user side. This time around, the FS++ team is introducing a new and powerful feature called VoxScript. You can now create custom voice commands that will trigger a sequence of actions over which you have complete control.

Let’s say you want to perform a bleeds off takeoff according to your airline Standard Operating Procedures.

You start by creating a custom voice command, one example “Let’s configure aircraft for bleeds off takeoff” (or any other sentence you may choose). The script itself consists of a sequence of voice commands written in plain English.

For those who want strict compliance with SOPs, you get to decide what the co-pilot does, in which order and what pace. Pack one off before pack two or the other way around. Bleeds off straight away or after a time delay. We give you the power to make things happen instead of hard coding repetitive dumb scripts on which you may disagree. You also get to write what the co-pilot says before performing the script (with the option to cancel) and after the latter is executed. Needless to say using pre-recorded speech for such scenarios is impossible. Simply because your imagination is the limit, and we cannot foresee what you are going to do. Also, feel free to have virtual conversations with your flight attendant.

MCE, the most versatile voice control for FSX & FS9 ever created.”

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