FS Captain version 1.2

FS Captain is one of those expansion to adds depth and story in FSX or FS2004, to make you live a Pilot career.

Focused on the pilot duties, your job will be to satisfy your passengers and report to your airline company even in-flight.


“Charles “Dutch” Owen and Systems Unlimited announce the availability of a major update to FSCaptain, release 1.2.  This new release adds 28 enhancements to make your career as a professional simulator pilot even more realistic and challenging. 

FSCaptain 1.2 is available in a fully functional trial version (limited only by the airports you can use as your departure point for flights.)  Please visit our website for more detailed information or to try it for yourself:

A Few of the New Features in Release 1.2:

* Interfaces to databases from several popular weather enhancement programs (including Active Sky Evolution and Real Environment Extreme)  provide accurate data for dispatch planning and in-flight information.

* The Dispatch Planning process has been enhanced for greater realism and functionality, and the dispatch release document is improved.

* For greater realism the FSCaptain dispatcher can now optionally assign a specific gate prior to departure and even occasionally change it during the flight or after landing.

* A database of transition altitudes for airports worldwide is now used to insure realistic monitoring of correct altimeter settings wherever you fly.

* Airline schedules are greatly enhanced, including local departure and arrival times and in-flight service codes, as well as more realistic support for multi-leg flights.  Performance can now optionally be graded against scheduled times as well as estimated block time.

* A built-in “ground protect” feature will watch for and prevent collisions with other aircraft on the ground by stopping them if they threaten the user aircraft.

* Dispatch will now allow “exceptions” in the form of extra free in-flight ETE revisions if delays are caused by ATC or other traffic.  Ground delays, holding patterns, and go-arounds are automatically detected and will grant these exceptions to prevent penalties due to circumstances beyond your control.

* A new “offline mode” is available so that you can use some of the in-flight facilities of the Flight Communicator gauge even while not flying an official assignment for your airline.

* Many more enhancements large and small.  The Website will detail them all.”

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