Flight Control Replay Voice Edition

Newly available exclusively via simMarket, Fabio Merlo’s Flight Control Replay Voice Edition is the follow on to Version 1.1 of the author’s tool which, amongst other things, allows you to record and play back flight situations with a wide variety of components monitored and recorded, additionally allowing playback in Google Earth if you prefer.  In addition to the previos functionality, the Voice Edition will now allow you to not only control the software using your voice, but also to record your voice as an overlay to the recorded flight.

The software is available for Microsoft Flight Simulator X only, and it might be worth noting that Windows XP is not listed as a supported operating system. For a complete run down of features and to purchase your copy, please visit the product page at simMarket, here. There’s an upgrade price option for users of the aforementioned Version 1.1 as well.

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