Flight Crew Assistant: Airbus Edition

FS2Crew has a new tool for Airbus pilots willing to hear check-lists, annoucements, gather METAR/TAF weather reports live from Internet and more.
Flight Crew Assistant: Airbus Edition is an independent application only available through Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Use it along FSX, FS9 or even X-Plane.
“A new iPhone/iPod Touch mobile app is available for the Airbus series called “Flight Crew Assistant: Airbus Edition”. 
This is a stand-alone app that works in conjunction with any simulator, but will be of most interest to simmers who fly Airbuses in FSX, FS9 and X-Plane.
Features include:
– Airbus audio checklists recorded by real-world airline pilots
– Cabin PA’s
– Captains PA’s
– A list of flight crew “flow items” for each stage of flight.
– Internet METAR/TAF display
– The ability to import and play real-ATC recordings and assign them to ATC stations
– Day/Night panel lighting 
Note that a version for the 737 NGX and 747-400 is also available.
For more info, please fly direct to:
All PC versions of FS2Crew are available via simMarket.”
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