Dustsheets Come Off A2A P-40 Repaints

Whether it be an airliner or a warbird, a reasonable paintkit seems to be a must for a modern payware package. While for many developers, a base white aircraft is seen as enough, others issue complex multi-layer files that make repainters’ life much easier, as can be seen from the fact that only a few days after release, the repaints for A2A Simulations’ P-40 package are already rolling in.

Because it was the aircraft’s primary area of operations, most of the P-40 paints cropping up first represent Pacific Theatre aircraft, which means RAAF repaints such as Tim Harris’s repaint (technically of the wrong model, but hey!) shown in the image above, which is available here from Avsim, along with his “Burma Banshees” repaint. A2A Forums user “Hawkzz” has produced this interesting Australian scheme, while returning to Europe and North Africa, master painter Jan Kees Blom has uploaded his RAF paints to OZx. With others on the way subject to some colour tweaking, or in locations we can’t link directly to such as the Sim-Outhouse downloads library, it’s worth keeping an eye on the downloads sites for your preferred livery or national colours.

In case anyone needs reminding, you can get the WoP3 P-40 and the Accu-Sim pack to go with it from simMarket.

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