D-Sim flight planning e-books

Two new e-books from D-Sim have been published today, covering flight planning and management for two very different aircraft indeed.

The first e-book, “The 767 Long Haul and ETOPS Guide” is a 70-page guide to flying Boeing’s extensively used widebody twin, including coverage of ETOPS and RVSM procedures, with a tutorial on how to plan an Atlantic crossing on the JFK – LHR route.

The second covers an entirely different class of aircraft – Cessna’s fast and high flying Citation X business jet. Intended for use with Eaglesoft’s Citation X model, according to the publisher, “The author, Josh Walden, has taken the type rating class in St. Louis as provided by Cessna themselves in a bid to make this one of the most authoritative books ever written about the Citation X aircraft for Flight Simulator.” To find out more about “The Citation X FMS & Flight Planning Guide“, click on the link.

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