Now arrived at Platform Twelve…

It looks like the scenario developers for Railworks/TrainSimulator 2012 at Trains and Drivers want to keep their customers busy for a while with no fewer than eight new releases at simMarket today!

Two of the new products, Volume 8 – Barstow – San Bernadino 2010s and Volume 9 – Castle Rock in the 2010s cover the base package’s North American routes and require only default routes and rolling stock, while the remainder, Volume 7 – Edinburgh – Glasgow 1970s – 1980sVolume 10 – Newcastle – York 1960s- 1980sVolume 11 – Driving On The WCMLVolume 12 – Bristol To Exeter TodayVolume 13 -Before The Beeching Axe and Volume 14 – Woodhead – Electric Traction cover UK routes and all require further purchases to use. Please see individual product pages as linked above for full details of requirements, more screenshots and to purchase.

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