Sukhoi SU-26 Aerobatic aircraft for FSX

Following on from the classic Pitts S-2S biplane was never going to be a particularly easy task for aerobatic aircraft developers Alabeo, but they seem to have managed it, with the release of another classic – the Sukhoi SU-26.

Where the Pitts was about agility, the Sukhoi adds power and plenty of it, from the Vedeneyev radial bolted to the front of a larger, but still lightweight andmore than merely agile, airframe. In various marques the SU-26 has won numerous competitions and awards from the 1980s well into the new millenium.

The advertising material doesn’t state which version of the aircraft has been reproduced, but if the usual crop of airliners and stable, steady, GA types leaves you wanting more excitement in your sim experience, find out more about Alabeo’s new release, here!

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