Day: May 18, 2012

Hinrichs It Service – FS-Charts

Instead of searching for charts in different places over the web,  FS-Charts is a new software launched by Hinrichs IT-Service. In one central place and offline on

FSRaas v1.1 Runway Advisory freeware How interesting it is when you have knowledge in code programming, you can reproduce some nice piece of software. That’s what Dongjin Shin did

Aerosoft Airbus X Extended VC details

A bit more of informations about Airbus X Extended details have been introduced in Aerosoft previews forum. The existing textures were reworked for a sharper display, but you’ll also

Aerosoft Toulouse X preview

Toulouse Blagniac LFBO, home airport of Airbus Industries in Europe, from where they takeoff for first time. And it’s also an historic place for Sud

Carenado – B200 & TBM 850

Two “New incomings” got revealed this week on Carenado‘s Facebook page : the Beech KingAir 200 and the Socata TBM 850. Simmers are already excited

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