Hinrichs It Service – FS-Charts

Instead of searching for charts in different places over the web,  FS-Charts is a new software launched by Hinrichs IT-Service. In one central place and offline on your hard disk, you’ll have all needed FAA navigational informations.

According to the maker’s homepage, it’s divided in region package. At simMarket, you can purchase the first US Package (~15.000 charts) for 1 year, and optionally for 2 years long. The Europe package with 15.000 charts more inside, should be ready later in a separate product.

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  1. I am interested in buying the USA charts, but I am not sure they have been legally sanctioned and approved to sell or re-sell by third party companies. United States Federal law prohibits selling and/or re-selling of Federal documents including FAA charts. For charts to be disposed, they must be properly cleared by the correct or right Federal authority concerned. And that does not include FAA only.

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