CPFlight MCP 737 are back in stock

Highly acclaimed for their quality and functionality, CPFlight dispatches again their MCP 737 devices, available in PRO and EL Series. This explains why simMarket set back online the purchase buttons on each product page so you can make ship one to home !

CPFlight adds that … “both are full scale replicas and work with Microsoft FS2000, FS2002 and FS2004,”.. and FSX ! “.. fully compatible with Project Magenta software and with the most used FS add-ons”.  Reproducing here the CPFlight compatibility tables will give you a clear list of the supported add-ons, and you can add to it PMDG 737 NGX support since past March 22, 2012.

What are the main differences between PRO and EL ? Both are plug-and-play, driven by USB, but the PRO needs an additional power supply (included).

PRO simulates the newer MCP 737 of Collins, reproduced with complex lightning system integrated in the face plate layers, and with illuminated labels over  the knobs. It also loads more realistic switches and knobs : custom knobs replicas and dual concentric knob for the Heading / Bank angle limit controls when a different procedure is required on the EL device (push and hold 2 seconds to change the mode selection). Other touches of realism are included like autodisconnecting buttons for autothrust or autopilot, EL doesn’t have these special features.

EL means Entry Level, and aims at less exigent cockpit builders. Although the controls shapes, lights colors and functionality of the real device are respected, the knobs are more standard. At least you have a realistic Honeywell MCP 737, older and different than PRO/ Collins variant. It features also a plastic face plate backlighted with LEDs.

The same kind of quality difference will be met in the EFIS parts (PRO and EL), beside the other items for Boeing 747 and Airbus A320. All CPFlight catalogue at simMarket is here.

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