Day: September 27, 2012

Fancy a new challenge?

We know that a number of readers here are fans of train simulation as well as flight simulation, but how many of you were aware

Bahia Solano for Prepar3D

Bahia Solano in Columbia is already available for Microsoft FS9 and FSX, so now developers Entusiastas de la Aviación have added a seperate version for

Train Sim boxes back in stock

httpv:// Train Simulator 2012 boxes are back in stock at simMarket. A good reason not to be limited by excessively limited user contracts of some

FSAddon Ben Gurion update

Taxi signs, taxi lines and and a building crash near the Terminal 3 have been fixed by David Rosenfeld for FSAddon Ben Gurion LLBG in FSX

Vroute info premium

Before every IFR flight to simulate an airline operation, launch VRoute Info Premium to find a realistic flight plan ready to use with SID/STAR preselected

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