Fancy a new challenge?

We know that a number of readers here are fans of train simulation as well as flight simulation, but how many of you were aware that there are signalling simulators available as well?

On the face of it, a signaller/dispatcher’s job is fairly straight forward. Trains run on rails, so you only have to worry about two dimensions for starters and it can’t be that tricky, can it? Well if you fancy a whole new challenge, try running the railways at one of Signalsoft‘s European Power Signal Box simulations.

Set primarily around the Netherlands and Germany, the panels represented by the sims cover the types of panel installed during the 1960s through to the late 1990s, when smaller lever-frame signalboxes were being replaced by larger control centres, covering more railways and without sight of the trains under their control. You set routes (paths) for the trains by pressing buttons, or clicking switches, depending on the age of the panel. Straight forward it may be, but easy it is not!

Most of the simulators come with demo versions to try before you buy, so why not take up a new challenge and test your skills at train management?

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