Mykonos added to Aerosoft FSX/P3D line-up

Aerosoft‘s second scenery release takes us south of Europe, to the sun of the Meditterranean and the Greek island of Mykonos – said to have been formed from the bodies of giants slain by the hero Hercules. Whatever the mythology, the island is now a massive tourist attraction and its small airport is busy with scheduled and charter traffic for much of the year.

Not only is the airport itself included in this package for MS FSX and L-M Prepar3D, so too is the town of Mykonos, as well as the neighbouring islands Delos and Rinia. The scenery includes high resolution photoreal ground scenery, as well as the custom objects and textures  with realistic shadows and lighting. For the more adventuous, there are two private helipads and a cruiser parked offshore with its own helipad to test your rotary winged skills.

Click here to visit the product page for full information and to purchase.

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