Aerosoft Airbus X Extended – new features list

Owner of the existing Airbus X ? The upcoming Extended version will be yours for EUR 19,95 (VAT incl), new customer ? Prepare EUR 39,95 (VAT incl).

Actual pilots already operating the A320 / A321 by Aerosoft will be very pleased to see that OP CLB / DES autopilot modes have been added for faster vertical navigation, along  FPA/TRK mode added. Instead of the HDG/VS (Heading / Vertical speed) mode, the same knob on the Flight Control Unit can change to Flight Path Angle / Track mode. With this new mode enabled, Airbus X allows the pilot to follow a track and automaticly corrects for winds. The other benefit is you can follow a specified vertical flight path angle (i.e. in final approach, ILS glide path ..).

More new features, new screenshots are found in the previews forum Airbus X Extended part 3.

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