simMarket Release Round-up

We’ve not posted new releases at simMarket for a couple of days, so rather the fill the frontpage with lots of posts – often containing information that if you’re interested in a product, you’ll find on the product page, we’ll post a round-up again to just let you know what’s there.

First up, we’ll cover the train sim releases, starting with the base package itself: Train Simulator 2013 (German Edition… Yes, we’re back on that regional malarkey again) is now available in a boxed set. To go with this, you’ll find four new “Expert Line” releases from Virtual Railroads: Three covering the BR111 loco with different rolling stock options and the fourth a green BR151. The entire Virtual Railroads line-up can be found here, some of which are currently on a 25% off sale, which is kind of nice…

Next up, Aerosoft have two new releases for you – Mykonos X was released a few days ago as a download version, it is now also available in a box, while their X-Plane ATR-72 brings another systems-heavy airliner to the skies of Laminar’s simulator, with eight liveries by McPhat Studios included.

Continuing the multi-platform releases are Kimberley and Bloemfontain Airports from NMG Trading. Both these detailed Southern African airports come with landmarks and features outside the perimiter fence as well as within and the single packages contain versions for FSX, P3D and X-Plane – all for one purchase per airport!

Finally, but by no means least, Iris Simulation Software have released another of their aircraft “inspired by” a real world one, but with the features and additions that Iris think the airframe deserves. This time it’s the “Venture MG.1” motorglider, which looks a little like a similar aircraft from German manufacturer Grob, but includes an more modern/advanced avionics suite incorporating a GPS and autopilot functionality, amongst other features.

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