Wednesday’s release update

There have only been a handful of releases through simMarket to report today and the headliner of the four has to go to the first release from the RU Scenery`s Design Team through Aerosoft: “Kamchatka – The Lost World“, for FSX and Prepar3D.

For those that don’t know, Kamchatka is a peninsular in the far East of Russia, pointing down roughly in the direction of Japan. The advertising for the scenery says that it will be best known to players of the board game “Risk”, but Kamchatka is also famous and infamous for a number of other reasons. The scenery, getting back onto topic, includes the entire civilian side of the airport, as well as updating the default terrain around it with accurate coastlines, rivers, lakes and roads. Two nearby volcanos are also depicted with photoreal textures.

Next up, also for FSX, is Rolling Cumulus Software‘s “Clouds of War” adventure. Following the adventures of “Max Rex”, this package which describes itself as an “E-Pulp” provides you with adventure flights around Bolivia in search of a fusion bomb and the aircraft being built to carry it.

X-Plane comes next and Taburet has released another set of phototextures designed not for the low-and-slow pilot usually catered for, but instead to deal with limitations of view range in the base package. XPOrbit for X-Plane 10 covers the entire world, for those flying at higher altitudes, to give a more accurate view of the world.

Finally, we have another new release from Trains and Drivers: “1950s on the Woodhead“provides five scenarios using steam traction on the Manchester to Sheffield line. As usual, this pack requires additional payware content, in this case the Woodhead route itself, plus the recently released V2 and Robinson 04 locomotives.

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