Active Sky Evolution Service Pack 4

There’s no error, this is a Service Pack 4 notification for Active Sky Evolution (ASE) users, who combine it with FS2004 or FSX.

If you have Active Sky 2012, forget it, as this is only made for ASE ! FS2004 pilots equipped with the realistic weather / environment textures tool will benefit of many enhancements and fixes listed here.

Press release :

“ASE is HiFi’s legacy weather engine recommended for FS9 (FSX compatibility is also included), which includes dozens of realism-based features including visual mapping, planning, weather gauge, hurricane simulation, wake turbulence, private server access, historical weather, voice flightwatch and much, much more.  For additional details about ASE and/or to download the SP4 update, please visit HiFi’s website at

Please note that this update is for ASE users only, and is not applicable to users of other products such as AS2012.

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