New Year, New Releases

100759_blackshapeprime1To kickstart the first weekend of your new year, we have three new releases to report today: One aircraft, one scenery collection and one utility in a box.

We’ll start, this time, with a utility in a box – REX Essential Plus is now available, courtesy of Aerosoft, as a boxed product as well as the download version. Featuring a weather engine, replacement textures and a lot more, you can find out full details here.

The scenery is Rolling Cumulus Software‘s Small Airfields South America Part 1 for FSX. If you fancy getting off the beaten track and visiting some small airfields in Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay,Argentina, Peru, Venezuela or Colombia then you’ll want to take a look at this package. There are 11 airfields in total, all of them designed for the VFR pilot who isn’t afraid to not fly from navaid to navaid to find their destination. A full list of locations and screenshots can, of course, be found on the product page.

Last but by no means least again, let us introduce you to that sleek bit of equipment at the top of the post – DMAX‘s Blackshape Prime is an Italian carbon fibre ultralight for X-Plane 10 that combines short field capability with a far from weak cruise performance. The interior matches the looks and style of the exterior as well, with a neat glass panel and a passenger to keep you company. The content list rounds out with a ballistic parachute for when it all goes wrong. You can find out more and purchase by clicking here.

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