Day: March 2, 2013

New screenshots of Aerosoft’s WiP ASK 21

It may have only been recently announced, but developer Joachim Schweigler is already posting more work-in-progress screenshots of the upcoming ASK 21 twin-seat glider from

FSPilot Magazine Vol 1 Issue 6

If you want a little light reading for the weekend, you can do a lot worse than checking out the latest issue of FSPilot magazine,

Hong Kong FSX Live from Flightsoft

Flightsoft has released what they claim is “a vision of the future” of flight simulation – Hong Kong FSX Live. “What is so different about

New sF iRacing Chevy rolled out

As mentioned at the beginning of his first race report for the season, the outing last week at Daytona was the last for the ‘current’

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