New sF iRacing Chevy rolled out


sFnewChevy-1As mentioned at the beginning of his first race report for the season, the outing last week at Daytona was the last for the ‘current’ iRacing Chevrolet stock car as it is being replaced by a new model. Well, for those who are following Robert’s progress, he has forwarded the attached images of the new car in a new, updated, simFlight livery which I think you’ll agree looks pretty good!

The Chevy may not stay, however. Also as mentioned in the Daytona report, there’s a new contender in the wings, in the form of a Ford to compete against the currently all-Chevrolet field. Robert is asking for your input as to which car he should use for the remainder of the season, so place your votes in the comments box, please, after clicking “Read More” to check out the other images of the shiny new Chevy.



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