DC-9 Classic available on DVD-ROM

DC9_3D_UK_RGB (3)Following the recent release of the download version, Flight1 Software have been in contact to say that it has been joined by a boxed DVD-ROM package of the classic Douglas DC-9 narrow-body twin jet airliner.

Developed by CoolSky, the package brings a new version of the legend to MS FSX, with a high specification and a long list of features. Click “Read more” for the full press release, or visit Flight1’s “SimStop” to purchase.

Flight1 releases

DC-9 Classic

for Flight Simulator X:

Leave computers at the gate!

No FMS, no FMC, no Fly-By-Wire


Flight1 is pleased to announce the release of a new product that makes flying simple and lets you optimise your flying skills in radio navigation!

Fly using pilot skill and radio navigation. The DC-9 Classic frees you from computer control to and from any location in Flight Simulator X!

The DC-9, built by the Douglas Aircraft Company, is a twin-engine, single-aisle, short to medium range jet airliner. The DC-9-30 is capable of carrying over 100 passengers, cruises at around 570 mph/910 km/h and has a range of about 1600 nautical miles (3000km). This “modern Classic” is now brought to life for Flight Simulator X.

The DC-9 Classic is the third product released by Coolsky with Flight1, following the huge success of the Super 80 and Super 80 Professional releases.

The DC-9 Classic is a state of the art simulation of the Douglas DC-9-30 aircraft for Flight Simulator X and represents a new level of realism, simulation accuracy, graphics quality and included features.

The DC-9 Classic enables you to fly computer-free – its Integrated Cockpit Training System and Radio Navigation Simulator systems will get you up and running in no time.

Fly in a fully operational virtual cockpit, and take your pilot skills to the max. Each flight is supported by the DC-9 Classic Flight Center, with its super-detailed Failure System.

The DC-9 Classic’s integrated Cockpit Training system takes you step-by-step through your training to fly this stunning aircraft.



  • Fully Operational 2D & Virtual Cockpit
  • Exterior Modeling including Non-Hydraulic Flying Ailerons/Elevators
  • Integrated Cockpit Training System
  • DC-9 Classic Flight Center
  • Navigation Simulator for help with radio navigation
  • Schematic Drawings of all major systems
  • Deep and Detailed Failure System (DC-9 Flight Center)
  • “Old School” Sperry SP-50 Autopilot
  • Automatic Aircraft Configuration (DC-9 Flight Center)
  • Dispatch (DC-9 Flight Center)
  • Extensive Manuals (User and Aircraft Operating Manuals)

Boxed edition available to buy now from Flight1’s

Label: Flight1

Developer: Coolsky

Genre: Flight Simulator Expansion for FSX

Format: PC DVD-ROM

SRP: £34.99/$49.95/AU$49,95


System Requirements:

  • MICROSOFT FSX with SP2 or Acceleration.
  • Windows 7, Vista or XP with SP2
  • Processor 2.8 GHz
  • Video Card 256 Mb or better
  • Memory 2 Gb
  • Hard Drive 600 Mb free
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