FlightBeam Studios KDEN terrain modelling

FlightBeam_KDEN_terrainSince the beginning, FlightBeam Studios keep on surprising us positively, raising their textures quality and resolution in each new product.

Not enough for them, they have already modelled KDEN Denver terrain close to the runways and taxiways to enhance the feeling to evolve in the real airport, and not just in a flat and unrealistic landscape.Message posted on Facebook : “Ready for a new sense of realism in FSX? Time to throw away the feeling of flatness in FSX airports.

A really noticeable feature at KDEN are the big hills and dips between the taxiways and runways. This terrain has already been implemented into KDEN HD. You will see hills blocking your view, and look down into huge dips from the cockpit windows. KDEN HD will be one of the only addon airports ever to feature this.”

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