Service Pack 1 for Flight1 Super King Air B200

Flight1_Super_KingAir_B200There’s a good number of fixes found in the Service Pack 1 that Flight1 have just finished for their Super King Air B200.

Go directly download the full installer updated here, and click Read more for the content details.

Message from Flight1 on Facebook :

The King Air Service Pack 1 is now available for download.

Thank you for your patience as we resolved the following issues listed below.

The Service Pack is the complete installation program, rather than a separate updater program. You will need to go to the King Air sales page and re-download the complete installation:

· Disappearing clicks spots – Fixed 
· Beta sounds volume controlled by FS 
· Autopilot VS wheel click spots and mouse wheel – Fixed 
· Click spots for MFD Controller and AP – Fixed 
· Gear warning horn – Fixed
· Click sounds for buttons and knobs? Fixed
· Turn off copilot PFD – Fixed
· SafeTaxi not working on some systems – Fixed
· Mfd local time calculation – Fixed
· Add a click spot for the round part of the gear handle – Fixed
· Ice vanes retract/extend with battery off – Fixed
· Added LUA support for auto feather and cabin altitude rotary – Fixed
· Coordinated turns – Fixed
· Added tail ice accumulation airframe buffeting – Added
· Sun visors not visible from exterior – Fixed
· Missing camera views – Fixed
· Elevator on exterior model is pitched down when it should be level with stabilizer. – Fixed
· Flap extension times lengthened. 
· LCD glass texture – Fixed
· Correct labels for the ice vanes manual extension – Fixed
· Pull to cage knob on stby attitude ind. missing – Fixed”

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