FSCaptain Update to 1.5 released

16247_fcomFSCaptain has been updated to version 1.5, bringing a number of enhancements and updates to the package, which simulates life as an airline captain – giving you the “career mode” many wish for, but without the airline micro-management functions that other similar packages have. As the product description says, “you are there to do your job: delivering your payload (passengers or cargo or both) on-time and safely to your destination with consummate professionalism. That’s a difficult enough job.

Among other features, version 1.5 brings an icing simulation, additional interfaces to popular add-on aircraft and an executable application which can be run on a second computer using Simconnect, so it is no longer necessary to install a gauge to your aircraft to see the FSCaptain Dispatch System (pictured above). Check out the full list of updates, as well as all the package’s features, and purchase your copy here.

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