REX & Milviz coop: WX Advantage Radar

We hear this from REX Studios today: “REX Game Studios ( is pleased to announce a joint development partnership with Milviz ( to develop the WX Advantage Radar modeled after the Honeywell RDR-4B weather radar for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and eventually Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D version 2.

“There’s nothing else on the market like the WX Advantage radar gauge”, states Reed Stough (REX Game Studios). He adds “Through our partnership we have for first time modelled accurate placement of precipitation along the azimuth of the radar beam within its cone as you fly. You’ll experience a realism never before seen in a radar gauge. As you fly in and out of precipitation it will match to what’s on the screen – accurately.” The WX Advantage Radar can be used with any 3rd-party weather add-on as well as the default weather engine within FSX or Prepar3D.

The WX Advantage Radar will be freely offered as a customizable gauge to 3rd-party aircraft developers. The add-on developer can, for the first time ever, modify not only the color, texture and text, but also the model of the gauge to fit within their paradigm and methodology.

The WX Advantage Radar will come in two versions: a 3D version of the gauge which can be easily placed within any virtual cockpit, and a 2D model will also be available as a popup gauge. End-users may also make modifications to the gauge to fit their own preference.

Unlike other gauges, the WX Advantage Radar is multi-threaded and runs in its own process outside of the simulator; therefore, there is next to no performance hit or frame rate loss.

Testing of the weather gauge starts this next week and expect a release shortly after testing is completed.

Get ready to experience the weather like never before!
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