Day: April 26, 2014

A2A Cherokee/Skyhawk Comparison Video Over at the A2A Simulations forums, here, the team have published this latest video from company head Scott Gentile, showcasing the PA-28 Cherokee aircraft, with a

Aerosoft – Night environement Dubai

It’s not only for Dubai, as it covers the entire United Arab Emirates including Abu Dhabi. This time again, Aerosoft offers an impressive night upgrade

FS2Crew – Majestic Q400 update 1.2

Pilots using both Majestic Q400 and FS2Crew Voice Control edition are eligible for an update of that last one. As explained on the updates dwonload

Aerosoft F-14X Tomcat preview

Engineered and manufactured  by Grumman for the US Navy, the F-14 Tomcat will get a new virtual life in our flight simulators thanks to Aerosoft F-14 X

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