A2A Cherokee/Skyhawk Comparison Video

Over at the A2A Simulations forums, here, the team have published this latest video from company head Scott Gentile, showcasing the PA-28 Cherokee aircraft, with a number of comparisons between it and equivalent aircraft such as the high-wing C172 Skyhawk.

As A2A’s last release was the Accu-Sim C172S and the next is the Accu-Sim PA-28, which is described as ‘nearing the end of testing’, there’s some nice footage of both aircraft in the video, along with a discussion of many technical and structural differences between the two. It’s well worth a watch, even if you don’t intend to get a copy of either aircraft.

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  1. Scott must have a degree in Marketing and PR.. He always does this stuff in the lead up to the release so I guess the beta is nearing completion….

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