New avionics packages from Flight One


Flight One have announced the release of two new avionics packages for FSX, the Garmin GTN 750 and GTN 650, which can integrate with any of your existing FSX aircraft. For the full press release which gives further details of the package features, click below.

Full press release text:

Flight One Software Announces GTN 750 and GTN 650 Series Avionics

Flight One Software is proud to bring you the next generation in desktop avionics to your favorite add-on aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator X with their release of the Flight1 GTN 750 and GTN 650 Series Avionics package (Available for purchase separately). The GTN series gauges feature fully integrated GPS, NAV, COM, and MFD functions for all your General Aviation aircraft needs. The large screen and intuitive graphical touch-screen interface give you quick and easy access to terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, charts, traffic display and much more.

Packed With Endless Features

The Flight1 GTN 750 and GTN 650 units come with an expansive feature set that includes over ninety-five percent of the real-world counterpart functionality with pixel-by-pixel accuracy. The avionics include the following features in beautiful detail: 

High-Resolution Moving Map Display with full data integration

Simulated touch and drag interface – allows you to interact with the system, graphically edit flight plans, and much more using the mouse cursor or touchscreen monitor

Smooth Framerate Performance

SafeTaxiTM – Allows you to view detailed airport information on the moving map (US Only)

FliteChartsTM – Allows you to view the electronic versions of AeroNav terminal procedures charts (US Coverage Only / GTN 750 Only)

High resolution terrain maps and TAWS-B audible alerts for North and Central America

TCAS / TAWS Systems w/Alerts

Full WAAS Approach Support

Airways Display On Map (GTN 750 Only)

Worldwide Database of Roads, Rivers, Cities, Oceans, Lakes, etc.

Worldwide Obstacle Database and Obstacle Alerts

Easy-to-use GTN Series Gauge Configuration Utility

Quick Access GTN Stack Gauge Controller

Full COM/NAV Receiver Integration

Pixel by Pixel Accuracy To Real World Avionics

Plus Much More

Both gauges are highly customizable, with many features that can be turned on or off or adjusted to suit the user’s preference. In addition, flight planning and procedures pages, with the ability to save flight plans and view electronic charts, and a vertical calculations page that provides decent messages to help you determine the correct decent profile to your selected waypoint, are also featured.

Make Your Addon Aircraft Next Gen! 

Up to two GTN 750 and two GTN 650 gauges can be installed and configured in each addon aircraft using the easy to use Flight1 GTN Series Gauge Configuration utility. Each GTN series gauge supports full autopilot integration and the ability to fly WAAS approaches. In addition, each gauge supports separate flight plans and you are able to switch flight plan navigation sources between gauges. To top it all off, cross-fill support between GTN series gauges is supported for radio frequencies, NAV/GPS indicator, audio panel data, transponder and more (cross-fill support of flight plan data is not currently supported).

Your In Control

The GTN 750 and GTN 650 units give you full control using the default FSX autopilot. If your aircraft supports FSX default autopilot functions, then the avionics will work seamless with your aircraft to take full advantage of all the GTN series features, including intercepting course navigation using the OBS knob on your VOR1 gauge.

Flight Plan Options

The GTN 750 and 650 fully support user created flight plans and the ability to save flight plans within the avionics unit for future use. Those who prefer using the FSX Flight Planner can use the source toggle feature on either of the units to use FS GPS flight plans within the 750/650. 

Make It Your Own

The GTN 750 and 650 can integrate with all add-on aircraft in your Flight Simulator X library. Both units also support custom aircraft icons on the moving map to match the particular aircraft you are flying to truely make this avionics package your own.

Purchase Today

For more information, screenshots, and to purchase either one of these outstanding avionics packages, point your browser to and download these great products today!



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