El Reg seeks X-Plane aeroplane maker

lohan_wrap_580_logoMany people in the IT industry – although particularly those based in Britain – may be aware of “The Register“, a slightly irreverant, but often entertaining, IT news and views site which has recently been participating in its own aeronautical endeavours.

Their current project, the Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN – yes, it’s a backronym – the last one was called PARIS) is seeking someone skilled in the dark arts of X-Plane’s Planemaker to assist with simulating the model, and its autopilot, on the Laminar Research platform. Interested? This post from yesterday would be your first port of call. If you just want to read more about the Plucky Playmonaut and what the heck these nutcases are up to, full coverage of the LOHAN project can be found here.

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