PMDG 777 – Service Pack 1b


Click this link to direct your browser to the download updates page of PMDG website so you can get the latest Service Pack 1b to apply on both 777-200LR/F and the optional expansion -300ER. After the install is complete, launch PMDG Operational Center to repair your liveries.

In the list of fixes, main items are related with FMS, the AFDS, other cases of freezes / crash to desktop in some cases.

Fixes in SP1b :

[FMS – Setup/Options Pages] 300ER door 5L/R doesn’t have a key command entry- resolved.
[External Model – Geometry] 777-200LR tail strike sensor – resolved.
[General – SDK] SDK user claims variables aren’t transmitted – resolved.
[FMS – Setup/Options Pages] Airplane doesn’t return to 1x when in 8x or 16x – resolved.
[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Supernumerary oxygen switch missing in 777F VC – resolved.
[AFDS – Pitch Modes] Pitch Oscillations in FLCH descend at low speeds while engines are idling – resolved.
[FREEZES – All Types] CTD when accepting PERF INIT data, or requesting WINDS, DES FORECAST – resolved.
[FMS – Route/Legs Pages] ALTN WXR request causes CTD – resolved.
[Systems – Fuel] Fuel Synoptic display when dumping fuel and balancing- resolved.
[General – Unsure] Running the aeroplane out of fuel – resolved.
[FMS – Performance Pages] Flaps based thrust reduction height entry not working in TAKE OFF REF 2/2 page – resolved.
[Systems – Fuel] Fuel remaining with MANUAL fuel entry with both engines off or ground ops displays properly- resolved.
[External Model – Geometry] We always knew Vin’s head wasn’t screwed on right – resolved.
[FREEZES – All Types] Control and Display Freezes being reported to Support – resolved.
[FMS – Route/Legs Pages] ROUTE REQUEST not filtering correctly flight plan names if any characters are placed between origin and destination ICAOs – resolved.
[General – Documentation] Aircraft.cfg identifies 300ER as B773 – resolved.

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