New “Expert Line” stock from Virtual Railroads

135702_www.virtual-railroads.de_DR BR243 EL YB70_1_8Designed for the experienced train sim user, rather than the newcomer to the series, Virtual Railroads‘ “Expert Line” series for Dovetail Games Train Simulator 2014/5, available through simMarket, has been extended with the addition of three packs to the stabling sidings.

Fans of ex-GDR locomotives will probably recognise the BR243, pictured above, while you can also add the BR120, which also comes with a Bpmbdzf IC Driving Trailer, and the colourful BR103 Touristik.

As previously mentioned, these add-ons are much more sophisticated than most of the Train Simulator add-ons available – be prepared to spend some time studying before you’ll learn how to fully operate them!

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