Prepar3D v2.4 released!


Prepar3D v2.4 is released out by Lockheed Martin.

Download size

Update from v2.3: 102MB
Full Installer v2.4: 10.6GB

This v2.4 is an incremental update to fix a handful of outstanding issues present in v2.3.
The full listing of improvements, fixes, and requested enhancements is listed below.

General Platform Updates

Fixed a crash when saving/loading scenarios due to corrupt object configuration files
Custom camera orientation will now load correctly when multiple views are open
Saving the Internal Vehicle Cast setting with setting profiles
Fixed issue of blending between unlimited visibility layers
Resolved an indefinite hang when selecting the observer role in multiplayer missions

Rendering and Performance Updates

Corrected issues with batched objects and airport lighting on systems with multiple graphics cards
Fixed an issue with BGL objects that were causing a memory leak and crash
Fixed an issue with clouds being rendered quadruple the intended size
Fixed an issue with particle effect scale being larger than intended
Fixed an issue with multiple texture entries in panel configurations not being rendered
Fixed issue with vertical geometry spikes
Corrected an issue with cursors causing issues when HDR was enabled
Added transparent panel support for auxiliary windows
Fixed issues with custom camera post process settings not properly loading
General fixes to terrain shadow artifacts
Fixed issues with material z-bias level behavior not being consistent

SimDirector Updates

Added a backstage file menu to help configure the scenario, open recent files, change settings, and other useful operations
Added hotkeys for common interactions
Changed the behavior of actions so that if an action is unreferenced, then it will fire when the scenario begins
Improved the object catalog by adding extensive filtering for new users and helpful key shortcuts for power users
Improved and simplified the controls to navigate the world and manipulate objects
Added the ability to use the Time Preview window and toggle Weather Visibility while editing scenarios
Added the ability to preview text-to-speech for the DialogAction
Fixed an issue where the application would hang when creating a scenario while the Mission Incomplete message box was open
Fixed an issue where undocking windows would freeze SimDirector
Fixed an issue where the VI Sessions window was not able to be used after resetting the scenario
Fixed an issue where Panel objects would not respect the panel that they were referencing when previewing the mission

SDK and SimConnect Updates

Added preliminary Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2) integration sample
Added support for 3ds Max 2015
Added SIMCONNECT_CAMERA_SENSOR_MODE to the C# SimConnect headers
Corrected an issue with exported attach points being placed with the wrong orientation

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