Flightport sceneries in Prepar3D v2


German scenery developers FlightPort have issued a statement regarding the compatibility of their packages with Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D v2 (v2.4 tested).

At present, 10 packages work without modification, five have been updated to work and five more are not currently compatible. To see further details, visit the scenery page at, here (German language), or click on “Read More” for the full release text.

Translated using Bing and Google… Bing’s translation made more sense and is presented below.

Dear friends of FlightPort,

the demand to significantly for sceneries, which can also be used in Prepar3D, in thelast few months. Therefore, I have made a first check of our current FSX sceneries, inhow far they are usable in P3D. To test I have used the Prepar3D version 2.4. Sincesome scenes display problems had, there are new versions to several scenes. Here theresults of my testing:

Existing versions can be used in Prepar3D version 2.4:

Feldberg (EDFA Anspach, EDFP Ober Mörlen, EDFB Reichelsheim)

EDFM Mannheim
EDFU Mainbullau
Susan worms
NOBLE Mülheim a.d.R
EDRF bad Dürkheim
LOLS Suben-Schärding
New versions for FSX/Prepar3D 2.4 available:

SILVANO Babenhausen

NOBLE Langenlonsheim
EDFL Gießen Lützellinden
EDFN Marburg beautiful city
EDFO Michelstadt
As you can see, the list of sceneries applicable also in P3D is already very long. Only minor restrictions occur still dynamic objects such as windsock, country-T and thelights. A VFR flight should be very well possible to the above-mentioned objectives in P3D.

Currently still not compatible to P3D are:

EDFZ Mainz-Finthen

EDRB Bitburg
EDRK Koblenz
EDRT trier pine
When these will be available in a new version, suitable also for P3D, has not been set.As always, we will inform about our mailing list.
In the table at the bottom on the page you can find the current state of development respectively.

Many greetings

Jörg Dannenberg

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